Jeanne Burris Johnson

A Contemporary Painter of Photorealistic Paintings, Pop Art, and Mixed Media

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| About The Artist


| Biography

|    Jeanne Burris Johnson is both a Gallery Coordinator for Art Studio 1219 in Port Huron Michigan and an independent artist. As the Gallery Coordinator for St Clair County’s largest non-profit art gallery and educational facility, her main priority is to develop programs designed to help emerging and mid-career artists learn the business of art and provide opportunities for artists to build their resumes. As an artist, Jeanne's work focuses primarily on Pop Art, Photorealism, and Mixed Media. A native of Flint Michigan, her art has been selected for such shows as the “2016 Biennial All Media Exhibition” (Detroit Artists Market), “2016 Photoreal: A FotoFocus Biennial Project” (Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati OH), and the 2016 East Side Art Show. Jeanne has shown locally in galleries such as Detroit Artists Market, Anton Art Gallery, Whitdel Arts, and Art Studio 1219.     ​   


| Artist Statement

|  My work is about humor, irony, and taking a new look at average moments.  The most important works of art, in my estimation, are the ones that make you feel something viscerally either to the positive or negative, but the viewer is never nonplussed. One of the ways I work to achieve that is by showing the audience ordinary moments of time we all experience in a way they have not considered previously. “The Cold”, as an example, is a triptych I did of my husband sneezing. A scene that most of us would consider “gross”, I found interesting and beautiful. There are many moments where we consider ourselves unattractive and yet we are at our most fascinating. Additionally, I work to create images that are serious paintings not based on the subject or view point, but because of the feeling they evoke. “Teenage Negativity”, simply put, is my daughter reclining on the couch, painted photo realistically, in the negative. It is a literal portrait of a teenager being negative. That’s both funny and ironic. In my series of paintings, “Upper Lipholstery”, depict my daughters wearing either an antique bowler or top hat with a wax mustache. While these paintings are clearly not meant to make a “serious statement of great import” they evoke a strong sense of joy and reverie to the viewer. It is my observation that we feel art before we form opinions of it. If I can make the viewer actively feel something, I’ve created art that is worthy.​​​   ​​​​​​    


| Past Exhibitions

2019  |  The Contemporary Show!

Art Studio 1219-Port Huron MI 

2017  |  100 Buck Show

Detroit Artists Market-Detroit, MI   

2017  |  Themeless 

Whitdel Arts-Detroit, MI   

2017  |  Member's Exhibit

Whitdel Arts-Detroit, MI  

2017  |  Garden Party and Art Show  Detroit Artists Market-Detroit, MI   

2017  |  Best Of The Best  Studio 1219-​Port Huron, MI ​  

2016  |  Sip and Savor: A Global World Series Of Food And WineTasting  ​Lakeland Banquet & Event Centre-St Clair Shores  

2016  |  Art of Our Women 

Studio 1219-Port Huron MI  

2016  |  Photoreal: A FotoFocus Biennial Project 

Manifest Gallery-Cincinnati, OH  

2016  |  Member Exhibit 

Anton Art Center-Mt Clemens, MI   

2016  |  Eastside Art Show

Host Venue: Ardmore Cafe-St Clair Shores,MI   

2016  |   Biennial All Media Exhibition  Detroit Artists Market-Detroit MI 

2016  |  Members Exhibition

Whitdel Arts-Detroit MI  

2016  |  Best of the Best

Studio 1219-Port Huron, MI  

2015  |   Garden Party and Art Sale Detroit Artists Market-Detroit MI 

2015  |  Members' Exhibition

Whitdel Arts-Detroit MI 

2015  |  Best of the Best

Studio 1219 Port Huron, Michigan   

2014  |  Lookout Joe 

Mount Lookout Coffee Roasters-Cincinnati OH    

2014  |  Art Of Our Women 

Studio 1219-Port Huron, MI

*Winner of the People's Choice Award 

2014  |  Best of the Best 

Studio 1219-Port Huron, MI

2013  |  Parallel Lives and Perspectives

Studio 1219-Port Huron, MI

*Solo Exhibit

2013  |  Best of the Best

Studio 1219-Port Huron, MI

2012  |  Art of Our Women

Studio 1219-Port Huron, MI               

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